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Strenghten your Translation Supply Chain

MultiTrans now integrates with Plunet BusinessManager to deliver a comprehensive workflow and globalization management solution. The workflow solution was designed specifically for Language Service Providers (LSPs) and Global Corporations and introduces unparalleled efficiencies that strengthen your entire translation supply chain by providing you with full control of translation requests and deliveries. Automating your entire end-to-end multilingual asset management processes increases your competitiveness, helps you maximize efficiencies & improves translation quality & consistency. The workflow solution delivers superior project management automation and ensures complete transparency in organizations.

The Integration of Plunet BusinessManager with MultiTrans enables LSPs and Corporations to manage order processing, partners, documents, translation projects and invoicing on a single platform. The workflow solution is intuitive and flexible and allows organizations to tailor procedures to their individual needs. Although there are added benefits for Service Providers and translators who are already licensed with MultiTrans, there is no requirement for them to have a MultiTrans license in order to benefit from the pretreated documents that are automatically delivered to them in the translation package.

  1. Client sends request via the web.
  2. The workflow solution automatically analyzes the project against client's multilingual assets.
  3. Analysis results and partner rates are used to automatically generate a draft quote.
  4. Coordinator reviews draft quote, approves it, and delivers it to Client.
  5. Client places order with Coordinator.
  6. Coordinator accesses Client ’s existing Multilingual Assets and uses the TextBase TMs and TermBases to automatically pretreat the document(s) requiring translation.
  7. Pretreated document is automatically packaged along with the job notification, statistics, list of all standard terminology, list of terms to be used, and list of full and fuzzy sentences from the TextBase TMs and sent to Service Provider or Translator.
  8. Service Provider/Translator logs in to access Client’s Multilingual Assets via the web (optional) and to complete the translation.
  9. Translated project is delivered to Coordinator for review.
  10. Coordinator updates client’s TermBases and TextBase TMs.
  11. Finished project is delivered to Client along with invoicing.