Most companies do not manage nor deploy their corporate technical, administrative and marketing terminology to their employees, vendors or partners. This can result in an inconsistent external message.

Explore how you can cost effectively standardize your terminology by unlocking the value of your previously translated multilingual assets in order to deliver a consistent message in all languages, throughout all your offices with a real-time centralized terminology management solution.

Some Statistics:

  • Terminology raises productivity by an estimated 10% to 33% during the authoring phase, and 5% to 9% during the translation phase.
  • Non-standardized terminology incurs significant direct and indirect costs. For example, sources suggest that each ambiguous term search can take up to 30 minutes to complete.
  • Only 7.8% of companies manage their terminology pro-actively.
  • Ambiguous terminology leads to inaccurate communication, which in turn can lead to:
    • 1. Inappropriate and inconsistent product information
    • 2. Potential legal and regulatory repercussions
    • 3. Global brand erosion

Main Features of MultiTrans Terminology Module:

  • Flexible, concept-oriented terminology management functionality with user-defined fields
  • Comprehensive terminology import and export functionality
  • Easy integration to third-party terminology databases
  • One-click capture of new terms from the TextBase TM or from the interactive translation module
  • Powerful term-search and edit functionality
  • Mass terminology update
  • Integrated pre-translation feature that automatically inserts approved terms into your project
  • Scalable database architecture which easily handles millions of terms
  • Comprehensive security management features enabling fine-grained control of user access to sensitive terms and fields of information for each term
  • Available for local or centralized terminology management


Other Points of Interest:

  • Rapidly unlock and extract multilingual terminology from your previously translated documentation.
  • Centralize, manage and share your terminology with authors, translators, revisers, vendors, customers, etc.
  • Facilitate a terminology approval workflow with advanced security management.