Quality Assurance Agent

Don't sacrifice quality for shorter turnaround times!

It is one thing to be consistent in your communications but when it comes to quality assurance, consistency, proper grammar and spelling are not enough. Among other things, a simple quality assurance checklist may help ensure that names of organizations, individuals and products are correct, it may help ensure proper use of abbreviations and acronyms, it may guarantee the correct names of laws or books and it may even ensure that they are italicized – but quality assurance should not stop there.

MultiCorpora’s new QA Agent, the first commercial quality assurance software for translators, works with MultiTrans to deliver:

Enhanced terminology checks:

The QA Agent verifies that the translator has used the correct terminology and users can set allowances for multiple forms of a word (e.g. plural words) so that several versions of a term can be approved. The terminology check can be applied to both source and target documents as the QA Agent will verify that the source term has been approved and also exists for a target term which has been found.

Advanced consistency checks:

The QA Agent identifies all sentences or segments that are identical in the source language. If the translations differ for such segments, the reviser is alerted.

Number checks:

Numbers are serious and wrong numbers are disastrous. The QA Agent not only checks that numbers are identical in the source and target language, but it also checks whether the decimal signs and currency symbols are correctly represented.

Acronym checks:

These days, acronyms are everywhere - the QA Agent ensures that the correct acronyms are used by allowing users to define patterns and then verifying that the acronyms correspond in multiple languages.

Completeness checks:

It is even possible to identify translations that “appear” much shorter than their original counterparts. These sentences can be flagged and are easily identifiable by the reviser.

Tag checks:

Many file formats contain tags and hyperlinks. During translation, these items can accidentally be deleted or damaged. The QA Agent identifies all segments that contain tag errors. The QA Agent also offers the ability to exclude certain tags from the checks.

In high production environments where turnaround time is short and large-scale projects are routinely segmented so that translation and revision work is shared amongst many parties, only MultiTrans QA Agent can deliver peace of mind.