Centralize, Manage and Share your Terminology with Authors, Vendors, Customers…

MultiTrans 4 Expert provides the comprehensive tools you need to capture, manage, update, share and use multilingual terminology effectively and consistently. It enables multi-user, real-time access to your centralized terminology assets. It also puts an end to inconsistency and promotes standardized product names, marketing content, legal agreements, corporate information, and more.

With MultiTrans 4, you can give your authors, engineers, support personnel, marketing department, sales people, language service providers, vendors and even your customers real-time, around the clock access to your corporate terminology.

You can store your terminology databases on a server within your organization or on one hosted by MultiCorpora. You can also assign access rights to users, which lets you determine who can access which portions of the terminology database, as well as what their access rights and access levels are.

One centralized repository can serve all contributors in real-time, and initialize an approved terminology workflow. Language professionals can then use the approved terminology when performing either of the following tasks: manual
searches and edits through a Web application, or interactive or automated document translation and analysis through MultiTrans 4 workstations.


  • Fully UNICODE-based
  • Multilingual, multidirectional TermBases
  • Local, client-server and Web deployment options
  • Terminology management through a Web-based application
  • Import and export of various file formats
  • Totally customizable records, with several field types
  • Integrated Spell Checker
  • Identification and merging of duplicate terms or records
  • Conceptoriented terminology database
  • Global search and replace
  • Crossreferences any entry within the TermBase
  • Generation of hyperlinks to external sources or files
  • Field definition localization
  • Advanced filtering capabilities
  • View of incomplete records
  • Full record history
  • Ability to include multimedia objects
  • Ability to use several TermBases simultaneously
  • Tracking of the most searched terms
  • Tracking of “not found” entries
  • Flexible terminology management functionality with user-defined fields
  • Integration with third-party terminology databases
  • One-click capture of new terms from the TextBase TM or from the interactive translation module
  • Powerful termsearch and editing functionalities
  • Mass terminology updates
  • Integrated pre-translation feature automatically inserts approved translations into your project
  • Scalable database architecture easily handles millions of terms
  • Comprehensive security management features enabling a fine-grained control of user access to sensitive terms and information fields for each term