MultiTrans outPACK-Lite

Smaller organizations tend to have more restrictive budgets and must therefore maximize efficiencies at every opportunity. MultiTrans outPACK Lite delivers a centralized Multilingual Asset Management strategy that includes the ability to support multiple languages and offers comprehensive project analysis and reporting tools that provide metrics for organizations to better estimate and manage outsourcing costs.    With MultiTrans outPACK Lite, organizations can pre-process their documents and use their existing Multilingual Assets to recycle any previously translated segments and sub-segments.  The pre-processed documents can then be sent out for translation.  The use of Multilingual Assets in this manner ensures proper terminology, consistency and significant savings.

* This bundle is designed specifically for organizations that outsource less than 250 000 words per year

outPACK Lite bundle includes:


  • Choice of multilingual or bilingual TextBase
  • Analysis Agent
  • Pre-Processing & Translation package
  • Web Training