A breakthrough in language technology applications

Brussels, Belgium June 9, 2008 – MultiCorpora, the pioneer of the corpus based approach to translation memory, will unveil leading edge innovation in language technology during the Localization World conference to be held in Berlin June 9th through 11th. The new technology is the result of six months of intense development which integrates some key components of machine translation technology to the MultiTrans software suite. The seamless integration will provide instant access to the translated occurrences of terminology embedded in MultiTrans’ TextBase Translation Memory. This new offering leverages the value of language technology applications to address growing terminology needs.

“Translation memory technology helps accelerate the translation process by reusing similar or exact previously translated sentences. However, when the matches are not full or fuzzy, there may still be words or combinations of words that could be replaced by translated terminology. We believe that with real time access to all possible word translations and their occurrences, this technology helps speed up the translation and revision processes significantly”, said Daniel Gervais, Co-founder of MultiCorpora.

The unique TEXTBASE TM concept behind MultiTrans has been identified by the Translation Association User Society (TAUS) as one of the new Advanced Leveraging TM technologies. “We are very proud that an organization like TAUS recognizes the advancements in leveraging the value inherent to a Translation Memory. LSPs, in particular, will appreciate this technology which provides fine-grain reports on repetition of terms that have typically been ignored by conventional Translation Memory tools. Now, LSPs can build TermBases faster and be more confident that they can immediately match their client’s lingo. This is a breakthrough in technology and raises the value of terminology and its use to new heights”, said Pierre Blais, CEO at MultiCorpora.

By including this new functionality at no additional cost with the recently launched LSP Packs, MultiCorpora has brought much added value to LSPs participating in its successful LSP CommonIT rewards program.

About MultiCorpora

MultiCorpora is a leading provider of multilingual asset management solutions that enable corporations, government organizations and language service providers to cost-effectively translate global information and streamline their multilingual communications. MultiCorpora empowers language professionals by delivering innovative software solutions that drive market segment leadership and enable its customers to differentiate themselves from traditional TM users. MultiCorpora’s multilingual asset management solutions promote the leveraging of core business competencies and increased end to end production efficiencies for faster turnaround and greater volumes.

Its flagship product, MultiTrans, is an innovative tool that combines MultiCorpora’s unique TextBase TM technology with its best-in-class Terminology Management System. MultiTrans customers use their full-text repositories of previously translated documents to produce more accurate translations by eliminating ambiguity of terms through a context based workflow which, unlike traditional sentence-based TM tools that recycle whole sentences, matches text strings of any length.

With offices in North America and Europe, MultiCorpora leverages the expertise of its impressive client base to the benefit of its worldwide user community. The Translation Bureau of Canada along with the majority of departments within the Government of Canada, international organizations such as UNESCO, and corporations such as Ford of Canada, Sobeys, Kraft, HSBC and Pfizer have selected MultiTrans as their multilingual asset management solution.