At last, a new generation of CAT tools is here!

MultiTransTM is the most user-friendly and powerful second generation CAT tool available today. Contrary to traditional Translation Memory systems, MultiTrans does not build a laborious database of pre-aligned sentences. It indexes previously translated documents, creating a bilingual reference corpus, that allows the user to make full-text search and retrieval of words, expressions and sentences.

MultiTrans Features:

  • Quickly index and search through previously-translated reference documents.
  • Extract translations from your previously-translated documents and create your own equivalency database.
  • Perform pre-translation in a document to be translated and automatically compare it against all indexed reference documents, not only at the sentence level, but also at the expression level, yielding more replacements!
  • Fully integrated modules (indexing and search engine, Terminology/Equivalency database, pre-translation).
  • Integrated terminology extraction (contact us for more information).

MultiTransTM consists of three modules, and is designed to increase your translation capacity and consistency while helping you deliver top-quality translations on time – it’s like having an assistant!

more information on TransCorpora Module


  • previously translated documents can be easily imported
  • can store millions of words
  • can display a complete list of unique words for each file
  • has the ability to search for a word or a group of words at the sentence level
  • compliant with any language using ISO Latin 1 character set
1. TransCorporaTM module is a proprietary, powerful search engine that allows you to store previously translated documents and carry out full-text searches within those documents.


2. TermBaseTM module allows you to create and manage multilingual terminology data banks.


more information on TermBase Module Features

    • helps you create, import and manage personalized multilingual terminology databases easily
    • custom TermBases can be created from previously translated reference documents
    • allows custom fields to be added to better suit your needs
    • has the capacity to handle large TermBases with ease – without sacrificing speed
    • compliant with any language using ISO Latin 1 character set



3. TransTermTM module integrates MultiTrans functions right into your word processor.


more information on TransTerm Module Features

    • can automatically identify all previously translated words, expressions and sentences
    • can compare an entire document with the TermBases, replacing all known expressions while retaining all text formatting
    • allows you to work with multiple TransCorpora files and TermBases simultaneously
    • can add words and expressions into your TermBases directly from Microsoft Word in one simple step
    • allows you to choose a suggested translation or let the software to perform a calculated choice