MultiTrans XLIFF Editor

Ideal for translating HTML, XML and tagged formats.

The MultiTrans XLIFF Editor is a stand-alone application with foundations in the OASIS XML Localization Interchange File format (XLIFF)This open standard lets users manage a variety of formats, use any number of import/export filters already available in the public domain, and even customize their own import/export filters for different types of XML formats.

The MultiTrans XLIFF Editor is easy to use, and currently supports a wide range of formats, including:

  • HTML
  • XML
  • AdobeŽ InDesignŽ
  • Other publicly available XLIFF transformation filters

The MultiTrans XLIFF Editor is designed for ease of use, includes all the functionality of the MultiTrans Translation Agent, and takes the complexity out of translating tagged formats.

The Translation Agent makes it possible to recover paragraphs, sentences and sub-segments, in a side-by-side view for easier revision.

You also have the advantages of viewing the fuzzy differences in matched paragraphs and sentences, as well as direct access to your terminology.

The XLIFF Editor makes it easy to deal with the tags, keeps your XML files safe from corruption, and includes XML validation tools to ensure document integrity.


At any time during the translation process, the user can preview the source document, as well as having a WYSIWYG side-by-side view of the source and translated documents.


The easy-to-use import editor means you can customize XML formats and build new filters by identifying which tags contain translatable text, which tags are to be treated as in-line tags, and which tags are to be ignored.