LSP CommonIT


MultiCorpora’s LSP CommonIT Program

Multilingual efficiencies are no longer exclusive to larger language service providers (LSPs) that have the critical mass to support multiple systems with centralized multilingual asset management solutions. Now even independent LSPs can partition, distribute, share, reuse, recycle, protect and grow their multilingual assets. The LSP CommonIT program promotes economies of scale for all participating LSPs. It brings together a community of small to mid-size independent LSPs who wish to compete with some of the larger players who own the technology.

The next best thing to owning the technology

Join a community that’s about to revolutionize the way independent LSPs do business. MultiCorpora’s LSP CommonIT program promotes a sense of ownership among its LSP community members. As an LSP member, your organization can position itself alongside those have the tools, resources and bandwidth to win the larger deals. Join a program that has been specifically designed to drive and sustain profitability for the independent LSP channels. Equip yourself with the tools and resources that you need to remain competitive. As an LSP CommonIT member, your organization can also help drive the development and evolution of MultiCorpora’s solutions by having a seat on our LSP Advisory Board.

Benefits include:

• Access to state of the art technology – TextBase TM
• Powerful Terminology extraction and management capabilities
• Ability to maintain a successful web strategy with clients and freelancers
• Access to multiple methods of integrating freelancers
• No up-front investment required
• Affordable and flexible “pay as you go” models
• Bundled pricing for significant savings
• Choice of packages to suit every need
• Advanced features such as Multilingual version included at no extra cost
• Perpetual maintenance (upgrades) and new versions at no extra cost
• Ability to subscribe to add-ons at any time
• Online training included
• Optional ‘hosted’ (turn-key) solutions with added benefits available*
• Additional modes of collaboration between various team members
• Access to web analytics tools for scoping projects

 * Optional hosted solutions available

MultiCorpora’s LSP CommonIT Hosting Solution is a comprehensive service offering for LSPs that wish to outsource their technology infrastructure while retaining 100% control and a clear focus on core business areas of Business Management, Administration, Quality Control and Translation Services.

Our comprehensive solution allows LSPs to remove the variable costs associated with the ever-changing technology and landscape. From purchasing, maintenance, equipment re-investment, facilities management and HR, MultiCorpora’s LSP Hosting Solution removes the need for agencies to install, staff, train or maintain the technology infrastructure. With this “turn-key” offering, LSPs will be able to drive their business forward on the industry’s state-of-the-art Multilingual Asset Management platform.