Solutions for Language Service Providers

Solutions for Language Service Providers

With the TextBase TM, you can compete at the top level. TextBase TM provides affordable server Web applications so you can work efficiently with your clients and freelance translators benefiting from more repetitions.

Your Challenge

  • Stand out from the crowd and provide your customers with additional benefits to stay competitive
  • Provide high-quality translation services
  • Get more repetitions than your competitors, who are still working with conventional translation memory tools
  • Be compatible with your clients’ and external vendors’ translation technology
  • Translate all types of documents in various formats, including Web and DTP
  • Dealing with a competitor for your translation technology
  • Rapidly ramp-up your memories to get more repetitions for new clients
  • Rapidly build client-specific terminology from their legacy translations
  • Work without an internal IT department to manage complex server applications


  • Translation
    • Our solutions are compatible with conventional translation memory tools, and enable internal and external translators to work in context, recycling paragraphs, sentences and sub-segments directly within several types of documents, including Word, WordPerfect, PowerPoint, HTML, XML, XLIFF and several DTP formats.
  • Terminology Management Server
    • This server offers instant access to approved terminology, for employees, internal and external authors, translators, reviewers and terminologists.
  • TextBase TM Server
    • This server offers instant access to an authoring and translation memory, for employees, internal and external authors, translators, reviewers and terminologists, so you can avoid re-inventing the wheel;
    • The “no-alignment required” TextBase TM technology means you can rapidly build large memories for new clients and get more repetitions than your competitors, in a matter of hours.
  • Project Management
    • The project management functions help you control translation quality and costs, whether your work is in-house or outsourced.
    • They get more repetitions than conventional TMs, at the paragraph and sub-expression level;
    • They help make your business more competitive, while increasing quality.
  • Robust, Scalable and Affordable Centralized Server Technology (CST)
    • With centralized server technology, you can connect your internal and external resources to maximize your centralized assets;
    • CST means you can offer your clients added value, by giving them access to their translation memories and terminology through a Web-based application;
    • CST helps you compete in a league with large LSPs, thanks to more advanced technology to deploy to your clients.
  • Server and Web Application Hosting
    • Hosting offers you best-in-class technology, without the IT hassles, when you are not equipped to manage your own internal and Web servers.