MultiTrans termPACK-Lite

For organizations simply looking for a solution to help them manage their terminology effectively. This bundle includes either a bilingual or multilingual TermBase and provides the ability to analyze projects and generate fine-grained statistical reports.

MultiTrans termPACK Lite includes the TermBase Agent which helps organizations identify and replace terms in the active document with translated terms that already exist in the approved TermBases. Organizations can pre-process their documents and use their existing Multilingual Assets to recycle any previously translated segments and sub-segments from the TermBase. The pretreated documents can then be sent out for translation. The use of Multilingual Assets in this manner ensures proper terminology, consistency and significant savings.
* This bundle is designed specifically for organizations that require a terminology database of less than 10 000 words.

termPACK Lite bundle includes:


  • Bilingual TermBase or Multilingual TermBase
  • Analysis Agent
  • TermBase Agent
  • Web Training