MultiTrans outPACKS

These packages are designed for those who wish to take a ‘hands off’, non-technical approach with their translation needs.  This solution can be installed on your server or it can be hosted by MultiCorpora for a minimum annual fee.  MultiTrans outPACKS remove the technology component from the translation process, thereby putting you in full control. This infra/lingua separation drives independence by allowing you to work with multiple language service providers.

The basic outPACK bundle provides you with the ability to transform your previously translated documents into Multilingual Assets.  You gain peace of mind knowing that your assets are secure, always up to date, properly maintained and continuously growing.  With the basic outPACK bundle, you will be able to analyze new translation projects against your existing assets, recycle paragraphs, sentences, sub expressions and terminology while also being able to pre-translate documents before sending them out for translation.  The basic outPACK bundle equips you with the freedom to choose the best people and resources for the job and provides all collaborators secure access to your Multilingual Assets.  Which outPACK fits you best?

Basic outPACK bundle includes:
  • 1 MultiTrans Expert
  • 5 Freelance Connectors
  • Multilingual TextBase TM
  • Server License
  • Auto-Alignment Scheduler
  • Training and database setup*
  • Premium Technical Support

* Additional training and database setup may be necessary, dependent on needs.

 outPACK 1:
Designed to address the basic needs of organizations that outsource without a need for workflow management tools.
Basic outPack Bundle
 outPACK 2:
Designed for those organizations requiring project management capabilities along with all the tools for centralizing, sharing and managing Multilingual Assets. outPack 2 helps organizations remain in full control of all ongoing projects and deliverables by providing integrated workflow analytic and reporting functionalities.
Basic outPack Bundle
+ Integrated Workflow & Analysis
 outPACK 3:
Includes all the features, functionality and benefits offered by outPack 2, as well as integrated workflow functionality that delivers an additional pre-processing and analysis layer along with advanced reporting capability.
Basic outPack Bundle
+ Integrated Workflow, Analysis & Pre-Processing
 outPACK 4:
For those organizations that already have collaboration models and legacy project management and workflow systems in place and wish to integrate MultiTrans’ pre-processing and analysis Application Program Interface layers.
Basic outPack Bundle
+ 2 APIs