Data Migration

MultiCorpora’s technical consultants help our clients rapidly and efficiently migrate huge volumes of legacy language assets into centralized repositories for access by distributed teams of language professionals. Hundreds of millions of words of monolingual and multilingual content from many sources (translation memories, web pages, documents, presentations, spreadsheets, desktop publishing, etc.) can be quickly converted into ready-to-use MultiTrans Global Text Repositories. Also, monolingual and multilingual terminology files from other systems can be quickly migrated into the MultiTrans Global Term Bank format.


  • An initial discovery session analyzes the size and structure of existing archives and data sources
  • Development of a Data Migration Plan
  • Data conversion and quality assurance services



  • Ensures quick, efficient and trouble-free data migration and system setup
  • Accelerates time-to-benefit
  • Ensures effective training using a fully implemented system with all your data.
  • Frees your critical IT and revenue-generating resources from data migration activities

For more information about our Data Migration services, please contact your assigned representative or [email protected]