MultiTrans™ Overview

MultiTrans™ is a translation support and language management solution that integrates a series of capabilities that provide productivity and quality gains to all participants across your entire multilingual information value chain, including writers, translators, terminologists, editors, reviewers and content consumers.

The MultiTrans Language Management Infrastructure

The integration of a full text multilingual corpus and a comprehensive terminology management infrastructure sets MultiTrans apart from all other approaches to language management. The TextBase Builder and Search capabilities enable you to rapidly create and easily access large bodies of existing texts and their corresponding translated versions. It automatically aligns and indexes the full text and extracts lists of recurring words and phrases. Powerful search capabilities allow you to quickly identify all instances of a desired expression, view them in their original contexts and see previous translations. The TermBase provides comprehensive tools to extract and generate terminology from corpora or import terminology information from many other sources. Easy-to-use search and edit capabilities allow you to easily find and manage nominal terminology, translation terminology and translation memory. Optional client-server technology allows you to share language management and collaborate across many users.

MultiTrans Integrated Translation Support

MultiTrans Corpora and TermBases are valuable enterprise language management resources for authors, terminologist, content consumers and others. They also provide the foundation for the Translation Support Workbench through which translators seamlessly interact with multiple Corpora and TermBases to quickly complete new translation projects.