DoubleVueTM tools incorporate the following functions within Microsoft Word 97 & 2000:

  • Translation / Revision Tools;
  • Easy Expression Search and Replace Tools;
  • Document Management Tools.

 Translation / Revision tools

DoubleVueTM eases the task of translating and editing texts. It is the perfect tool for translators and editors. At any time while you are translating a text, DoubleVue will display the original, non-translated sentence within Microsoft Word 97 & 2000. Editors can scroll through the translated text and at any time, the system can display the sentence in the original text. It has never been easier to revise a translation.

Let DoubleVue index your original document and create another one on which to work. If, in the course of a translation, you want to verify how a sentence was formulated in the original text, just press the DoubleVue Follow Sentence shortcut key and it will appear instantly. Furthermore, when you or an editor want to revise a translation, both the original and translated documents are opened in your text editor. Just by pressing a simple key, both documents will follow each other, sentence by sentence.

 Easy Expression Search and Replace Tools

DoubleVue incorporates Easy Expression Search and Replace tools for Microsoft Word 97 & 2000. How many times have you performed a global Search and Replace of an expression in Microsoft Word 97 & 2000 and found out that Microsoft Word 97 & 2000 had replaced expressions that you didn’t want to replace? You then had to check the whole document for these errors. But now, the DoubleVue Easy Expression Search and Replace tools solve that issue. No more problems of this kind now that DoubleVue ensures that all replaced expressions are exactly the same as the expression you typed in.

Example: Say you want to replace BUSINESS PLAN by PLAN D’ENTREPRISE in a document where BUSINESS PLANNING is present. Most search-and-replace tools would replace BUSINESS PLAN, but would also replace that same expression in BUSINESS PLANNING (which would give us PLAN D’ENTREPRISENING!). You would then need to revise the entire document to correct these mistakes.

If you want to stop worrying about all the expressions replacements you perform without complex settings, DoubleVue is the tool you need.

 Document Management Tools

DoubleVue incorporates document management features which will:

  • keep track and organize all original and translated documents;
  • search and retrieve both original and translated documents;
  • compress and send them for revision via E-mail or any other medium.

If you are a translator, an editor or the client that has to approve the translation, you really ought to try this tool!

 How to try DoubleVue

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