Maintenance & Support

Invest in the Success of your language technology implementation

When you invest in a leading language technology, you want to ensure the continued success of your strategic initiatives over time. With free updates and upgrades to the next version of MultiTrans, you’ll stay up-to-date with the latest productivity technology and ensure that your operations continue to be competitive with continuous improvements in productivity and quality.

Annual Maintenance and Support Agreements provide:

  • Free updates and major upgrades to the next version of MultiTrans to stay current with the latest technology
  • Unlimited support calls via a dedicated phone numbers in North America and Europe for designated contacts to ensure your users are always up and running
  • Email support for designated contacts
  • Pro-active notification of free software and documentation updates

Your language technology software is important for your day-to-day operations and competitiveness and we are committed to continuously providing you with leading-edge technology and reliable support you need to succeed and stay competitive.

A variety of additional support options are available to suit your needs.