MultiCorpora Shared Hosting Services provides a custom configured Server Platform including Hardware, Software, Networking, Security components and System and Application Management services, designed to provide seamless availability of MultiCorpora MultiTrans computer-aided translation (CAT), Terminology and Document Management tools to our customers. All aspects of the information technology (IT) application are provided remotely, and managed by MultiCorpora.

Business Needs Addressed:

MultiCorpora Shared Hosting Services are provided when customers wish to access MultiTrans Application Software without utilizing expensive or limited IT infrastructure resources. Also called “outsourcing”, these services allow users to benefit from the features and advantages of the software in the execution of their assigned tasks (with a focus on core competencies) while leveraging MultiCorpora expertise and resources in the management of the application environment.


MultiCorpora Shared Hosting Services is an annual service that provides customers with shared IT, Systems Infrastructure, and Systems and Applications support. These services are designed to allow language professionals to focus on the benefits that accrue from using MultiTrans applications, while leaving the acquisition, configuration and ongoing management of the complete information systems architecture to MultiCorpora.

Numerous companies, including banks, governments, multilateral organizations and large corporations, are now taking advantage of this service.


Stop wasting your time on computer issues. Our highly trained staff of certified professionals can manage everything for you. You no longer need to concern yourself with patches, upgrades, data backups, or viruses!

Security: Our Data Centre is located in a restricted access environment. Data is secured and only accessible with individual user names and passwords. Data is also protected against loss due to equipment failure through high-speed array of storage devices, which are back up daily onto alternate media, then stored securely off site.

Cost Savings: You have no servers to install or maintain. We bear the expense of owning and maintaining the servers and central communications equipment, including operating systems, database engines, and user licenses. You only need your PC workstations.

No system management: We manage the entire system configuration, administration, installation, service, maintenance, and upgrades. This eliminates expensive service contracts and consultant’s fees.

For more information about the many advantages of hosting your server-side technology with MultiCorpora, please contact your assigned representative