Company Overview and History

Most Computer Aided Translation (CAT) system companies are part of, or owned by, companies that also sell translation services in competition with their CAT system customers. MultiTrans does not have that conflict of interest. MultiTrans is provided by an internationally-established Canadian-based organization that is exclusively dedicated to the development and support of the best CAT systems for translators. Our passion is to improve the efficiency of people involved with language management. We do that by enabling users to recycle translated expressions while leveraging their context. We do not do translation work.

The evolution of MultiTrans follows there distinct phases:

1994-2000: Research and Development

The origin of the MultiTrans vision extends back to 1994 when, as the manager of one of the largest and most advanced multilingual publishing and document management operations in North America, MultiCorpora founder Gerry Gervais tried to increase the productivity of translation activities by implementing Computer Aided Translation (CAT) technologies. Since the available technology proved inadequate, Gerry recognized the need for a different approach to translation support and language management: one that applied to all types of content, provided context, and did not require prohibitive up-front setup and investment. The enormous challenge was undertaken to develop the technology that could deliver on that vision.

2000-2004: Commercialization and Foundation-Building

Launched with MultiTrans™ 1.0 in 2000 the solution surprises the market and has immediately a significant impact with translators in corporations, governments and translation agencies. Working closely with early customers, MultiTrans expands into a scalable enterprise-wide platform (Multitrans 3) that included industrial-strength databases, client-server architecture, web access and Unicode support for all languages. MultiCorpora gains the support of 300 customers and gets recognized as a major player around the world.

2004 and later: Growing aggressively to make a difference in the market place

As a commercially successful organization financially backed by solid institutional investors, the management team and organization expands to recruit a significant number of corporations, governments, multilateral organisations and language service providers around the world. MultiTrans 4 introduces industry-leading alignment technology and unmatched flexibility that enables users to further cut the waste in their translation processes while preserving the quality associated with the art of human translation. This unique approach combined with a passion to make a difference will lead MultiCorpora to new levels of growth to better serve the language industry.