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Brussels, Belgium – March 4, 2008

The CeBIT 2008 technology fair is the host of MultiCorpora’s new series of packaged translation solutions designed specifically for the corporate market. The solutions are being launched at one of the largest and most renowned technology trade fairs in the world being held in Hannover, Germany.

Over time, organizations amass significant value from their previously translated documents. These accumulated documents become valuable assets to corporations where they can be reused by writers, translators, terminologists and reviewers. Powered by MultiTrans, MultiCorpora’s flagship product, the new corporate packages have been specially designed to address the specific needs of organizations that outsource all, some or none of their translation and localization needs.

The recently launched MultiTrans version 4.3 includes the functionalities for organizations to manage multilingual assets with almost no human intervention. Organizations can now rethink how they outsource their translation needs, save money and reduce turnaround times. The packaged solutions drive independence regarding choice of vendors and promote translation consistencies and proper ‘lingo’ between the various collaborators working on a project.

“We decided to participate at CeBIT because it is a premiere technology event where some of the largest worldwide organizations gather to learn about the newest technology solutions. Europe is a multilingual melting pot and CeBIT is the ideal venue for us to launch our new set of corporate solutions,” said Mr. Pierre Blais, President and CEO of MultiCorpora.

About MultiCorpora

MultiCorpora is a leading provider of multilingual asset management solutions that enable corporations, government organizations and language service providers to cost-effectively translate global information and streamline their multilingual communications. MultiCorpora empowers language professionals by delivering innovative software solutions that drive market segment leadership and enable its customers to differentiate themselves from traditional TM users. MultiCorpora’s multilingual asset management solutions promote the leveraging of core business competencies and increased end to end production efficiencies for faster turnaround and greater volumes.

Its flagship product, MultiTrans, is an innovative tool that combines MultiCorpora’s unique TextBase TM technology with its best-in-class Terminology Management System. MultiTrans customers use their full-text repositories of previously translated documents to produce more accurate translations by eliminating ambiguity of terms through a context based workflow which, unlike traditional sentence-based TM tools that recycle whole sentences, matches text strings of any length.

With offices in North America and Europe, MultiCorpora leverages the expertise of its impressive client base to the benefit of its worldwide user community. The Translation Bureau of Canada along with the majority of departments within the Government of Canada, international organizations such as UNESCO, and corporations such as Ford of Canada, Sobeys, Kraft, HSBC and Pfizer have selected MultiTrans as their multilingual asset management solution.

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