MultiTrans Academic Licensing Program

Academic Institutions need to help students prepare for successful careers by providing them with exposure to the cutting edge language management software technologies. By deploying the latest commercial software in their laboratories and introducing students to technology through their curricula, leading institutions enable students to gain understanding of different technical approaches to language management while developing marketable skills.

MultiCorpora also recognizes the immense value in leveraging the rich intellectual resources of the Academic Institutions located in the communities which it serves. To this end, MultiCorpora wishes to engage in a partnership with leading colleges and universities globally, designed to foster greater opportunities for learning, and provide a showcase for MultiCorpora’s products and services.

Many educational institutions from around the world participate in the MultiTrans Academic Licensing Program and enjoy access to the latest MultiTrans software and curriculum assistance.

Program Benefits:

  • Access to the latest language management software
  • Software implementation assistance to ensure rapid, easy deployment
  • Special discounted pricing on software licenses
  • Access to online MultiTrans Newsgroup and Knowledge Base
  • Access to content for curriculum development
  • A 90-minute Web training session for professors and teaching assistants
  • A free “Professor License take home rights” to professors and teaching assistants to prepare their courses
  • Participation in a joint information campaign about program sponsorship
  • Exposure through inclusion on MultiTrans Academic Program membership list on the MultiTrans Web site