TextBase TM versus Conventional Translation Memory Comparison Table

MultiTrans 4.2 combines the essential functionalities of a conventional translation memory with MultiCorpora’s unique TextBase TM and best-in-class terminology management system. TextBase TM technology is designed to provide significant value-added advantages for eliminating time-consuming manual verification of alignments, rapidly creating large contextual translation memories and leveraging more matches.

Conventional TM TextBase TM
Translation Memory Creation
Create a new TM of over 10,000 segments in less than 5 minutes  
No need to manually verify alignments  
Preserve the full context of every segment, up to the document level  
Align between 5-10 M words per hour  
Automatically align 2:1 and 1:2 segments  
Multilingual and multidirectional translation memory  
Interactive and Automated Translation
Automatically identify and replace full paragraphs  
Automatically identify and replace full and fuzzy segments
Automatically identify sub-segments  
View context directly from interactive translation module  
Access terminology from interactive translation module
Import, generate and process unclean translation RTF files
Process a wide range of file formats: Word, WP, PPT, XML, HTML and desktop publishing files
Project Analysis
Identify and standardize internal project terminology repetition directly from project analysis  
Avoid re-translating the same or similar document, by identifying document revisions with a list of the document names from which most full and fuzzy segments come.  
Identify repetitions at the paragraph, segment, sub-segment and term levels, providing a more competitive cost analysis in support of project bids.