Solutions for Corporations

Whether your translations are in-house or outsourced, your multilingual assets need to be successfully managed.

Your Challenge

  • Free yourself from external vendors, take control, and manage your own multilingual assets
  • Create, standardize and share corporate terminology
  • Stop paying for authoring and translating the same content again and again
  • Achieve higher documentation quality and consistency in both source and target languages
  • Streamline your globalization supply chain, by creating synergy between all contributors around your centralized assets
  • Reduce the time-to-market from authoring through translation and revision
  • Integrate your translation process into your existing ECM systems


  • Robust and Scalable Centralized Server Technology (CST)
    • Now you can take control of your multilingual assets, connecting your linguistic services to external vendors to maximize your centralized assets;
    •  Centralized server technology also offers you more flexibility and control when outsourcing.
  • Terminology Management Server
    • This server offers instant access to approved terminology, for employees, internal and external authors, translators, reviewers and terminologists.
  • TextBase TM Server
    • This server offers instant access to an authoring and translation memory, for employees, internal and external authors, translators, reviewers and terminologists, so you can avoid re-inventing the wheel.
  • Project Management
    • The project management functions help you control translation quality and costs, whether your work is in-house or outsourced.
  • Translation
    • Our solutions are compatible with conventional translation memory tools, and enable internal and external translators to work in context, recycling paragraphs, sentences and sub-segments directly within several types of documents, including Word, WordPerfect, PowerPoint, HTML, XML, XLIFF and several DTP formats.