New alliance between MultiCorpora and Plunet delivers Workflow Solutions, made easy!

Gatineau, Québec, Canada, June 15, 2007 – MultiCorpora, a leading provider of multilingual asset management solutions, and Plunet, a leading provider of Translation Business and Workflow Management software for the translation and documentation industry, announce a strategic alliance which sees them integrate their core platforms to deliver a comprehensive Workflow and Globalization Management System designed specifically for language service providers (LSPs), governments and global corporations. This new offering combines the strengths of MultiTrans’ unique TextBase TM multilingual asset management solution with those of Plunet BusinessManager.

The MultiTrans 4.2 solution introduces unparalleled efficiencies by putting LSPs, language professionals and global corporations in full control of their translation requests and deliveries. “We are delighted to partner with Plunet to combine our international business acumen to deliver a real benefit to our customers. MultiTrans 4.2, integrated with Plunet BusinessManager’s workflow management system, redefines workflow automation from the moment that a translation request is made, to the automated content analysis and routing (which is dependent on MultiTrans’ analysis results), through to the automated pre-treatment”, says Pierre Blais, President and CEO of MultiCorpora. “There’s never been a better time for the industry to embrace technology by leveraging the efficiencies of our offering.”

“Our partnership with MultiCorpora responds to the industry’s evolutionary needs. Combining MultiTrans’ Unique TextBase TM approach with Plunet BusinessManager’s workflow management features will further enable agencies, both small and large, and language departments within corporations or institutions to significantly improve their end-to-end processes, improve the quality of their in-house and outsourced translations, reduce turnaround and better control costs. ”The level of integration between the two solutions makes it a model for productivity gains, says Stefan Dümig founder and CEO of Plunet GmbH.


About MultiCorpora

MultiCorpora is a leading provider of multilingual asset management solutions that enable corporations, government organizations and language service providers to cost-effectively translate global information and streamline their multilingual communications. MultiCorpora empowers language professionals by delivering innovative software solutions that drive market segment leadership and enable its customers to differentiate themselves from traditional TM users. MultiCorpora’s multilingual asset management solutions promote the leveraging of core business competencies and increased end to end production efficiencies for faster turnaround and greater volumes.

Its flagship product, MultiTrans, is an innovative tool that combines MultiCorpora’s unique TextBase TM technology with its best-in-class Terminology Management System. MultiTrans customers use their full-text repositories of previously translated documents to produce more accurate translations by eliminating ambiguity of terms through a context based workflow which, unlike traditional sentence-based TM tools that recycle whole sentences, matches text strings of any length.

With offices in North America and Europe, MultiCorpora leverages the expertise of its impressive client base to the benefit of its worldwide user community. The Translation Bureau of Canada along with the majority of departments within the Government of Canada, international organizations such as UNESCO, and corporations such as Ford of Canada, Sobeys, Kraft, HSBC and Pfizer have selected MultiTrans as their multilingual asset management solution.

About Plune

Plunet GmbH is a leading provider of business and workflow management software for the translation and documentation industry.

For the past five years, Plunet has been supplying web-based business management software along with process and document management software. Plunet solutions accommodate translation software, financial accounting applications and existing software environments.

Plunet customers around the world benefit from the concept of using a web-based company platform to link all internal/external resources and customers and to optimize and manage the entire set of workflows from a central location.

Plunet conducts ongoing market surveillance and works closely with its customers and partners to continually enhance the software. Every user benefits from optimal project/team management and transparent company/project structures.