MultiCorpora launches TEXTBASE TM concept at Localization World Conference

Montreal, Québec, Canada, le 16 October 2006 – On the occasion of the Localization World Conference held in Montreal from October 16th to 18th, MultiCorpora is launching its very latest update of MultiTrans 4, showcasing its new TEXTBASE TM concept. This novel concept merges the best of the company’s premium solution, MultiTrans, with the main functions of conventional translation memories (TM).

Among the most important features of MultiTrans 4 is an automatic alignment function with unrivalled reliability, and a user-friendly Translation Agent that can contextually process not only such formats as Word, WordPerfect, PowerPoint, but also now XML, HTML, DITA and InDesign with an add-on XLIFF Editor. The ability to process these formats will make it easier to translate Internet sites and technical and advertising materials. This version also makes it possible to integrate various TM formats, which facilitates resource-sharing with users of other solutions. In addition, MultiTrans 4 establishes concordances with previous translations, at the sub-segment and paragraph level. In fact, the MultiTrans technology has been chosen by the third largest translation service in the world, Canada’s Translation Bureau, as a CAT tool for its translators. Finally, this version includes a new multilingual terminology module that meets the stringent requirements of Canada’s Department of National Defence. With such advantages as an integrated Translation Agent, flexible terminology record design, and secure Web access levels, this new module promises to be among the best on the market.

As explained by Pierre Blais, CEO of MultiCorpora, “Since MultiTrans 4 was launched last year, our solution has generated considerable interest in all sectors of the language industry, in North America and Europe alike. This updated version of MultiTrans 4 is a perfect fit with the needs of the market, offering a complete solution that sets itself apart from conventional TM solutions.”


About MultiCorpora

MultiCorpora R&D Inc. is a Canadian independent software vendor based in Quebec with a wholly-owned subsidiary, MultiCorpora International Inc., operating in Europe from the Brussels branch in Belgium. MultiCorpora has developed MultiTrans™, a unique software solution that integrates MultiCorpora’s TextBase Translation Memory technology with its best-in-class Terminology Management System. Together, these tools enable corporations, translation agencies and government organizations in more than 30 countries to cost-effectively translate global information, while streamlining their multilingual communications.