MultiTrans 4 Web Technologies

Provide authors, reviewers, external language service providers (LSPs) and freelancers from anywhere in the world, real-time access to your server TextBase TM and TermBases from a standard Web browser – no installation of software required!

  • Unique technology to deploy your TextBase TM
  • Cost-effective Web browser access to your central multilingual assets
  • Proven, scalable, high performance search engine which returns results in a fraction of a second, even when searching large multilingual assets containing millions of terms and documents
  • Search seamlessly across multiple repositories
  • Update and manage your TermBases via the Web with the optional read-write capability
  • Enhanced security restricts user access to appropriate TermBases and terminology records and controls user read/write privileges

Like the the desktop version, TermBase Web enables read or read-only access to your centralized terminology.  The advanced security module also enables your organization to implement a terminology approbation workflow.


Like the the desktop version, TextBase Web provides easy-to-use and powerful search features that quickly find and retrieve all of the relevant instances of an expression along with the aligned translation texts. It is then possible to select and view an instance of the expression and its aligned translation in a split screen view. One half of the view displays the document that contains the searched expression, automatically scrolled to the location of the found expression, which is color-highlighted for easy viewing. The other half of the view displays the complete corresponding translation text, scrolled to the aligned text segment, which is also highlighted. At a glance, you can review the expression and aligned translation in the context of their complete original documents. By providing context, the TextBase TM acts as an extensive “by-example” dictionary, containing usage and style reference for terms and expressions.