MultiTrans 4 Server

MultiTrans 4 Server provides a scalable collaboration platform for sharing centralized TextBase Translation Memories and TermBases in real-time across many distributed MultiTrans 4 Expert, Translator and Lookup users via a network, intranet or the Internet. It enables many users to search, share, view and update the same TextBase TMs and TermBases in real-time. The moment a user adds a term or corrects an alignment, that new language asset can instantly be accessed and used by other language professionals. With the optional MultiTrans 4 TextBase Web and TermBase Web add-ons, the MultiTrans 4 Server cost-effectively extends access to Web browser users without MultiTrans 4 installed on their workstation.

  • Connects translation professionals that may be distributed organizationally and geographically: in-house, at remote offices, traveling, at home, external service providing agencies and freelancers;
  • Support any type of communications connection: LAN, WAN, Internet dial-up, ISDN, ADSL, etc.;
  • Supports independent web and application servers for greater deployment flexibility which accommodates different firewall configurations.