MultiTrans Desktop Modules

Alignment Agent

  • Import of all your previously translated documents, or legacy translation memories into the TextBase TM
  • Automatic file alignment based on user-defined file naming rules
  • High performance sentence alignment, indexing and term extraction engine that can process over 50,000 words per minute and easily scales to include thousands of documents and many millions of words
  • Intelligent text alignment analyzer identifies segment alignments that are known with such certainty that they can optionally be used for automatic substitution without user review
  • Automatic TextBase TM update with newly completed translation projects
  • Import of multiple file formats, including Word, WordPerfect, text files, UNICODE text files, HTML, XML, PDF, TMX-compliant translation memories and many others
  • Automatic unique word and expression extraction to streamline terminology creation and build project-specific lexicons
  • Automatic ‘n to 1’ and ‘1 to n’ sentence alignment

TextBase TM

  • Compatible with conventional TM
  • Available in local, client-server or web versions
  • Available in bilingual or multilingual TM versions


  • Create, manage, share and re-use your terminology

  • Available in local, client-server or Web versions

Terminology Extraction (monolingual and bilingual)

  • Monolingual terminology extraction on a document or large sets of documents

  • Bilingual terminology extraction enables additional extraction of translation pairs from previously translated documents, to rapidly build specialized terminology databases

Translation Agent

  • Interactive or automated replacement of:

    • paragraphs

    • segments (exact & fuzzy matches)

    • sub-segments (concordance below the set match value)

    • terms

  • Able to process various formats from MSWord, MSPowerpoint, WordPerfect, plus HTML, XML and numerous desktop publishing files with the XLIFF Editor (add-on)

Analysis Agent

  • Provides statistics on internal and legacy repetition for a particular project, so you can intelligently estimate the time and the effort it will take to perform a particular project