MultiTrans 4 – Freelance Translator Solutions

If you are a freelance translator and want the great benefits of the TextBase approach to assist you in translating, depending on your needs, there are three solutions available.

MultiTrans 4 Freelance

MultiTrans 4 Freelance provides access to the basic functionalities necessary for a freelance translator to perform translation not working from a corporate network. This stand-alone edition of MultiTrans 4 includes the ability to build and import TextBase Translation Memories and TermBases of an unlimited size and uses the Translation Agent within Microsoft Word.

Unlike the Expert edition, the Freelance edition can only be installed on a computer not connected to a domain, and cannot connect to TextBase TMs or TermBases hosted on a MultiTrans 4 Server. This version of MultiTrans does not include the Analysis Agent and the Translation Agent is available within Microsoft Word only.

This is the best and most efficient option for someone not working as part of a team who still wishes to perform the art of translation by seeing the context, while cutting the time wasted at aligning documents and retranslating past translations.

To view how MultiTrans 4 Freelance compares to the other versions, please consult the MultiTrans 4 Product Comparison Chart.

MultiTrans 4 Expert on subscription

Full featured edition for advanced freelance translators. Includes TextBase TM and TermBase management, all search functions, Translation Agent within Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, PowerPoint, analysis and reporting. Can work within a corporate network, and also has the option of connecting to and working with MultiTrans 4 Server. Available on subscription for freelancers, this option is the same as the MultiTrans 4 Expert, available with or without the ability to connect to MultiTrans 4 Server modules.

This solution includes a training session on the web and a reduced price for ongoing support. Please contact us for more information.

MultiTrans 4 Translator on subscription

Provides freelance translators access to their client’s remote TextBase TMs and TermBases via Internet connection. This edition is best suited for freelance translators located outside of the corporate network who focus mainly on translation using their customer’s TextBase TMs and TermBases. This option is the same as the MultiTrans 4 Translator, limited to opening TextBase TMs and TermBases hosted on the MultiTrans 4 Server only, and available on a subscription basis only. Note that your client must have an available Remote Translator port available on its MultiTrans 4 Server for this configuration. Please contact us for more information.