Analysis Agent

MultiTrans Analysis Agent provides comprehensive project analysis and reporting tools to support optimal project workflow decisions. Each analysis reports the size of the document, and the degree to which terminology and text segments already exist in exact or similar form in your TextBase TM and TermBases, as well as identifying the best reference sources. The Analysis Agent also extracts lists of terms that are candidates for standardization and translation at the beginning of the project.

The analysis report gives comprehensive statistics that go beyond conventional tools, providing you with in-depth information on the number of exact and fuzzy matches that are found in the TextBase TM.

The Analysis Agent:

  • Calculates the amount of repetition at the paragraph, segment, sub-segment and term levels;
  • Lists the name of the documents from which the majority of full and fuzzy sentences are being retrieved;
  • Calculates the number of repetitions retrieved from the TermBases;
  • Shows internal project repetitions;
  • Extracts, from the documents to be translated, the most repeated expressions for an easy terminology standardization.

The analysis report is thorough and extensive, surpassing conventional tools to enable further productivity.

  • Sub-segments or automatic concordance matches make it possible to retrieve terminology, references and titles from previously translated documents. By comparison, these elements remain off-limits to conventional tools, which function at the sentence level only. The benefits to you mean that less time is lost looking for terminology during translation, and that less time is lost ensuring that the right terminology is used during the revision process.
  • Having a list of the document names from which the majority of exact and fuzzy sentences are matched ensures that document revisions or re-submissions are identified and saves time.
  • Having a list of all the internal repetitions of expressions, with their respective frequencies, in addition to a visual identification of those already included in your TermBases allows you to establish a standardized terminology at the beginning of a project, rather than having to wait to the revision stage.

In addition, the Analysis Agent enables you to create translator packages containing the following elements:

  • Pre-translated documents;
  • Pre-referenced documents;
  • HTML reports containing internally repeated expressions that can be standardized;
  • HTML reports listing those terms already included in your TermBases that are pertinent to the documents to be translated;
  • HTML reports on exact and fuzzy sentence matches, contextual information, and the names of the documents and TextBase TM from which they were extracted.

With these clear and comprehensive statistics, a project manager can intelligently estimate the time and effort required to translate a single document or complete project, then use this information to select the most optimal translation workflow.

Optionally, the MultiTrans Analysis Agent can be integrated into your workflow system by using the MultiTrans Integration Interface. The interface enables automatic control of the Analysis Agent and subsequent automatic project routing according to your business rules.